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Published Projects

My published projects are here.

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FPGA Imaging Library

A library for image processing on FPGA, it already contains many useful operations, and is updating. All the operations are packaged to IPCores, and of course they follow a same and standardized interface, moreover, each of them can work on pipeline mode and req-ack-mode.

These IPCores support up to 4K(4096 * 4096) resolution, 12bits color every channel and 16x16 window.



How to use ?

Certainly, all IPCores have their software simulations, functional simulations and testing on board, the same folder structure and interface can make user do simulations and testing conveniently.


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A game script parser, it can convert a DSL(Domain Specific Language) which designed by myself to Ren'py scripts, I desinged it for my indie game, it splits the text and code, then writers can be absorbed in writeing.


How to use ?

Gal2Renpy provides a clearly source structer which use json as it's interface. For using easily, the DSL is based on xml, and in order to reduce the costs of inputing xml, I developed a plug-in for sublime-text, it aslo supports syntax highlighting. Moreover, it is expandable, you can add your own function by yourself. At last, it provide an error handler.


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Documents(only for zh-CN now):




MoeNotes is a simple note application(I also use it to write some simple novel or article), it's very different from evernote, oneonte or leanote...No database is required here, this software will just manage your local markdown files.


How to use ?

This software use markdown to write notes and every note will be saved with ".md" extension on your local disk, users can select appropriate way to synchronous them.


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